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B For Better Health

Dec 28, 2021

If you always set New Year’s Resolutions but can never stick to them, this is exactly the episode for you. I have a secret hack to make you set and stick to any goal for the year 2022. I also share 4 suggestions for resolutions you can use if you’re struggling to think of any! 




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Dec 20, 2021

Are you going on vacation soon? Are you a little worried about how you’re going to stay healthy while you’re away? You won’t be after you hear my top 3 tips on the subject. These are practices I do myself every single time I travel, and they’ve worked wonders for me. I promise all the tips are doable and easy,...

Nov 1, 2021

If you ever felt that exercise messed with your period in any way, you can’t miss this episode! Today we cover all the ways exercise can affect the menstrual cycle: Is it the reason you haven’t gotten your period for 2 months? Is it serious? When should you see a doctor? I answer all your questions here. 

Oct 25, 2021

Exactly one year ago, I released an episode called How To Lose Belly Fat. Today, I present to you part two of the series! Tune in to find out how to lose that stubborn fat, once and for all. Get all new tips and techniques, and listen in to hear my personal story with belly fat and how I got rid of it for good.

Oct 18, 2021

There are 5 main components to health and fitness: endurance, flexibility, strength, HIIT, and stamina. Do we need to practice them all every day to be the picture of health? I break down the benefits, how to strengthen each component, and what you really need to achieve an overall healthy life.  

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