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B For Better Health

Apr 27, 2020

Is dairy good for your kids? Is your child a picky eater? How do you get a 4 year old to eat their veggies? Are you worried about your child’s weight gain or weight loss? Get all the insight into children’s eating habits in this super informative, super interesting episode with child nutritionist, Mirna Sabbagh (who...

Apr 20, 2020

If you never worked out before, or you used to but stopped and you’re finding it hard to get back into it, or if eating healthy doesn’t seem to stick, this episode will help you start. I’m going back to basics on this one team! No previous experience or knowledge required, just tune in and we’ll take it from the...

Apr 13, 2020

How can you work out and eat right in Ramadan? I bring on an expert, Mohamed the Dietician, to talk about fasting and staying healthy during Ramadan. We’ll be discussing the right type of food to keep energy up during Ramadan, and how to motivate yourself to work out during this month.


Mohamed the Dietician’s

Apr 6, 2020

What is a snack? Are they good or bad for weight loss? Find out all there is to know about snacks and why they could be the reason you’re not reaching your goals. I’ll also be answering a couple of questions I got on Instagram, like: what if we combine all our snacks for dinner? And should we be snacking on fruits...