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B For Better Health

Nov 25, 2019

What Is EMS? Electric muscle stimulation is one of the newest workout trends out there, and in this episode we dive into the specifics behind it. Is it a suitable alternative to traditional training? Is it safe? Will it help with weight loss? Find out all that and more, and if there’s a question you still need...

Nov 18, 2019

What is body shaming? Are you a victim of it? Or are you using comments that can be triggering an unpleasant feeling in someone else’s life without realizing? It’s happens often and you might not be aware. This episode is designed to raise awareness and highlight the importance of reconsidering our word choices. 


Nov 11, 2019

Walking into the gym and not knowing where and how you should start can be overwhelming, I’ve been there! Should you be doing sessions with a personal trainer or attend fitness classes?


I’ll also be answering a bonus question at the end of the episode: should you be doing your cardio before or after your...

Nov 4, 2019

Social media can be one emotional rollercoaster! When we get a like, comment, message, or follow, we're on top of the world but as soon as we're hit with a mean comment, unfollow, or comparisons to others, things get messy. 


Dr. Sarah Rasmi, is a psychologist with a PhD from Canada and she joins me in this podcast...