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B For Better Health

Oct 28, 2019

Are you losing motivation to exercise way more often than you would like? Baraa shares with you fail-proof tips to really fire up your motivation for the long-run. 


Do you prefer to read instead of listen to the episode? Or would you like to refer back to the episodes main points? Baraa has written it all up for you...

Oct 21, 2019

Doctor  Gaël  Abou Ghanam is my guest on the show today, she is an obstetric gynecologist specialized in fertility and infertility preservation. We will be talking about pregnancy and exercise. In this episode, we will be answering a lot of questions like what type of exercise is recommended during pregnancy? Is it...

Oct 14, 2019

Following a healthy lifestyle while juggling huge to-do lists, finishing assignments and meeting deadlines can be very challenging. But there’s nothing you can’t achieve with the right know-how.If you’re a college student and listening to this, I got your back. Listen on for some beneficial ideas you can use to...

Oct 7, 2019

Should you be concerning yourself with counting calories or is it all overrated? I delve into a conversation with Nivine Hanach,  Clinical Dietitian, MSc. Clinical Nutrition, PhD. Candidate Health Promotion. 


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